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Artificial Intelligence is Taking on The Law

November 6, 2023
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Artificial intelligence has been disrupting technology at warp speed. But a new startup is aiming to use AI to better understand the law.

What’s happening:

  • Chicago based artificial intelligence startup Responsiv has raised a $3M seed round
  • Responsiv is building an AI enabled assistant for legal teams to accelerate research
  • The seed round was led by Greylock with participation from OnDean, Permanent Capital Ventures and more

Why it matters:

  • Artificial intelligence has been making an impact on everything from technology to drug discovery and continues to show potential for unexpected applications
  • Legal research is typically expensive and time consuming, which AI could drastically change

How it works:

  • Users can use simple language to ask Responsiv’s software for legal questions
  • They will then get citations and reference backed examples in response to their inquiry
  • Lawyers can then use Responsiv’s technology to begin drafting a template or policy based upon that information

By the numbers:

  • Responsiv’s platform claims to have access to 10 million opinions from court cases all throughout the United States

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