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Millions Are Pouring Into Milk (Without The Cow)

October 30, 2023
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The future of milk might not involve cows.

What’s happening:

  • French startup Bon Vivant has raised $15.8M in a seed round to build out their precision fermentation technology to produce animal free milk
  • The seed round included participation from numerous venture funds including Sparkfood, Alliance For Impact, High Flyers Capital, Kima Ventures, Founders Future, Picus Capital and others

How it works:

  • Bon Vivant use biotechnology and precision fermentation to program yeast microorganisms to produce animal free milk proteins
  • Bon Vivant’s approach is unique in that they are pursuing both whey protein types as well as casein proteins

The big idea:

  • Instead of trying to build their own stand alone brand, Bon Vivant is focusing on being an ingredient supplier to legacy dairy companies seeking to pursue the animal free milk opportunity
  • Further, Bon Vivant believes they can be an ingredient input for other product types that require dairy based proteins

Why it matters:

  • Producing genuine animal milk without harming any animals could be a major leap forward for the carbon footprint and environmental impact of traditional dairy farming

Going deeper:

  • Bon Vivant will still need to seek regulatory approval for their ingredients which they plan to do in the United States first and then Europe

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