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Sam Altman is Backing This Blood Testing Startup

September 25, 2023
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Blood tests in the future might be getting a whole lot faster.

What’s happening:

  • Toronto based startup Vital Biosciences is building diagnostics technology that aims to radically change blood testing
  • Their flagship product known as VitalOne is a small device that would enable doctors to be able to test and diagnose patients within twenty minutes of receiving their blood work
  • Vital has raised $48M in venture funding from the likes of Labcorp, Northpond Ventures, Route 66 Ventures, Sam Altman, Marc Benioff and others

Why it matters:

  • Currently it takes days to get results back from standard blood work for patients
  • Many important medical decisions and interventions rely on data from blood work
  • Blood work is one of the best ways to preventively detect major health complications such as diabetes or congestive heart failure

How it works:

  • With less than a teaspoon of blood as a sample, VitalOne aims to rapidly quantify the most commonly requisitioned test results in twenty minutes
  • This relies on technical breakthroughs in their device across biochemistry, robotics and computer vision

The fine print:

  • Silicon Valley has had an obsession with funding blood diagnostic startups in the past, including the rise and fall of Theranos
  • Vital Biosciences is still in late stage testing and their device is not yet for sale
  • Point of care testing for blood work is likely to require collaboration with the FDA to roll out hardware on a large scale

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