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The Startup Building $100,000 Flying Cars

October 18, 2023
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Flying cars might finally be happening.

What’s happening:

  • Palo Alto, California based startup Jetson has raised a $15M seed round to build out personal aviation vehicles
  • Jetson is building leading edge technology to manufacture personal aviation machines that closely resemble a flying car and can be easily operated by individuals

The big idea:

  • Jetson wants to democratize access to flight and being able to travel via the sky
  • Individuals can pilot their own small aviation machines manufactured by Jetson made of aluminium and carbon fibre
  • Leveraging similar designs and safety features of a race car, Jetson is hopeful they can make flying low risk and relatively frictionless

Going deeper:

  • Jetson has been able to attract notable talent to be a part of their mission including legendary space entrepreneur Peter Diamandis and Chief Strategy Officer of Boston Dynamics Marc Theermann

The intrigue:

  • You do not need a pilots license in order to operate a Jetson device in the air in the United States

By the numbers:

  • Jetson has already sold 300 units of their inaugural Jetson ONE vehicle at $98,000 USD each
  • Each Jetson aviation device has 8 individual motors that power their propellors

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