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The Startup Building Drones For Dangerous Situations

November 8, 2023
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While many might think of drones being used for photography or food delivery, there’s a startup building revolutionary hardware for an entirely different purpose: dangerous situations.

What’s happening:

  • Seattle based startup BRINC has just launched their new drone hardware Lemur 2 for use in highly dangerous situations
  • The drone aims to help law enforcement and first responders better navigate highly challenging and difficult situations through technology

The big idea:

  • BRINC wants to enable the use of drones for situations such as hazmat in potential toxic environments, search and rescue, law enforcement, fire and more
  • By being able to operate the drones from a safe distance, BRINC enables drone pilots to provide realtime information, data and insight into challenging situations

Going deeper:

  • The Lemur 2 is capable for mapping realtime floor plans of buildings, can recover after a fall and can even break through glass
  • BRINC is developing artificial intelligence technology to be able to interpret and transcribe audio that it picks up as its flying or hovering a specific location

By the numbers:

  • 1 second is how long it takes the Lemur 2 to break glass
  • The Lemur 2 can operate for 31 minutes straight
  • The drone can handle carrying 1 lb of payload to be dropped in a specific location

The intrigue:

  • BRINC was founded by Blake Resnick, who was a Thiel Fellow and infamously built a fusion reactor in his own garage

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