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A New Investment Vehicle For Funding Carbon Removal

December 20, 2023
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Everyone is concerned about carbon removal. Now, there’s a new investment vehicle preparing to launch that wants to help fund the development of scientifically backed approaches to removing carbon from the atmosphere.

What’s happening:

  • Base Carbon (CBOE: BCBN) has entered into a partnership with STX Group to create a new investment vehicle aimed at funding and financing high quality carbon removal projects
  • STX Group is an Amsterdam based commodity trading company focused on decarbonization and deploying capital into projects with a positive impact on the climate

Going deeper:

  • The new investment vehicle is aiming to offer access to institutional participants globally who want exposure to high quality carbon credits and carbon removal projects
  • Base Carbon will manage the investment vehicle and help to identify new potential projects that need financing and development

Why it matters:

  • There is a major push from large companies, institutions and global governments to leverage carbon credits and carbon offsets to get closer to aspirations around net zero emissions
  • Larger sources of capital are widely considered to be one of the constraints facing carbon removal and carbon credits, which has led to an influx in institutional asset managers entering the carbon markets and newly incubated startups raising funding

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