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The US Department of Energy Just Backed This Startup

August 29, 2023
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The United States Department Of Energy has just backed Phoenix, Arizona based startup EarthEn with $750,000 in funding.

EarthEn is building long duration energy storage that uses supercritical carbon dioxide technology.

The big idea:

  • EarthEn’s technology is potentially revolutionary, as it leverages supercritical carbon dioxide technology for more efficient and flexible energy storage
  • EarthEn’s flagship product, known as EarthEn Pods are able to cheaply store energy in a closed loop system for 4-100+ hours
  • The larger vision if for EarthEn to be able to power a 24/7 grid which stores excess energy from solar and wind and is able to deliver it anywhere, at any time

Why it matters:

  • The United States Department Of Energy backing EarthEn is enormous validation of their proprietary technology, but also further proof that the United States is committed to accelerating the energy transition
  • Further, the United States Office of Electricity and the United States National Lab are also both supporting EarthEn in developing their technology and commercializing it

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