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The New Public Company Trying To Solve Parkinson’s Disease

August 30, 2023
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AgeX Therapeutics (NYSE: AGE) has announced they will enter into a merger agreement with Serina Therapeutics, a privately held biotechnology company.

The new combined entity is focused on solving an enormous problem: Parkinson’s Disease.


  • AgeX Therapeutics, who is focused on new therapeutics for human aging and longevity, previously invested $10 million into Serina Therapeutics
  • AgeX Therapeutics and Serina Therapeutics will now merge into one combined company
  • The new entity will be called Serina Therapeutics and will trade under the new symbol ‘SER’ once approved

Going deeper:

  • Serina Therapeutics main focus is SER-252, which targets advanced Parkinson’s Disease
  • Currently, SER-252 is in pre clinical studies, with the hope of beginning a Phase I clinical trial next year
  • The problem with many neurological drugs is they need to be dosed frequently, which causes fluctuations in exposure to the drug and can cause challenges for patients
  • What Serina aims to do is provide much more precise control in rate of release in patients and create more stable levels of the drug in patients bloodstreams

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