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China's First Ever Cultivated Meat Factory Has Arrived

August 18, 2023
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Chinese biotech startup CellX has officially begun operations of their state of the art, groundbreaking cultivated meat production factory.

This is the first ever large scale factory for producing cell cultivated meat in China.

Why it matters:

  • Cell cultivated meat is on a rapid growth trajectory, after recently being approved for human consumption in the United States
  • Large scale operations for cultivated meat are still few and far between, which is one of the critical missing pieces in bringing lab grown meat closer to true adoption

The details:

  • CellX says their new facility has the capacity to produce 1000 tons of cultivated meat
  • Since inception, CellX has raised $20M in funding, including notable investment from London based Agronomics (AIM: ANIC)
  • Their process involves leveraging proprietary technology around cell lines and low cost serum free culture medium to bring their costs to approximately $100 per pound
  • In addition to being a research centre and production facility, CellX intends to use the new space as a tasting room for consumers in order to showcase their flagship product, which is a chicken breast

    What’s next:
  • CellX has been previously working on regulatory approvals in Germany and China, as part of an existing partnership with Bluu Seafood
  • Further, CellX has now announced they are working towards regulatory approvals in the US and Singapore

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