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The New Startup Preventing Metabolic Dysfunction Through AI

July 28, 2023
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The excitement of artificial intelligence technology has largely been centred around what it can do for individuals after the meteoric launch and adoption of ChatGPT.

However, some of the most compelling use cases for AI exist largely outside of consumer applications and into biotech, healthcare and longevity.

New startup Twinn Health has emerged out of stealth with backing from $500 million VC fund WAED, focusing on using AI to analyze MRI scans. Twinn Health was spun out of Imperial College of London.

The big idea:

using AI, Twinn Health claims they are able to look at MRI scans to detect preventable diseases much earlier than currently possible.

  • The AI platform looks at biomarkers to prevent metabolic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Most MRI scans are looking for one specific condition in patients and nothing else. The idea behind Twinn Health is to analyze all the available data to see if anything else is present
  • The concept is that AI will build pattern recognition for organs, certain cells and certain chronic diseases the more MRI data it is able to look at

But, does it work:

  • The early data is compelling. Twinn Health’s first patented AI model had 95% accuracy in predicting metabolic dysfunction
  • Now, their AI tech is being used by NHS physicians in the United Kingdom

What’s ahead:

  • Twinn Health is setting their sights on new types of disease prevention, specifically with a focus around longevity, such as age related diseases and liver diseases  
  • FDA approval for their metabolic dysfunction algorithm will be the critical validation of Twinn’s technology platform, which is aiming to enter the United States as soon as possible, followed by the Middle East

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