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Atari's Founder is Bringing Video Games to School

September 10, 2023
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Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, is launching a new company with a big vision: building video games for education.

The big idea:

  • ExoDexa is a building an adaptive learning platform that helps kids learn faster through games
  • By leveraging gamification and interactivity, ExoDexa believes children learn better and retain more knowledge than traditional learning methods
  • In a control group test at a North Carolina school, students who learned through ExoDexa learned up to ten times faster than kids who received the same material through a lecture

How it works:

  • ExoDexa has built proprietary technology that allows teachers to customize and create their own version of games to best suit their curriculum
  • Through adaptive learning, ExoDexa’s games either offers helpful hints for students who aren’t quite getting the answers or adds more complexity for students who are grasping it quickly

Why it matters:

  • Educational tech is a big area of opportunity and one that has been growing in popularity for venture capital over the last decade
  • If education through gaming gets validated by scientific research, there is likely to be a lot more innovation both from new startups and legacy video game publishers

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