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Base is Blowing Up

September 18, 2023
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The world’s largest crypto exchange Coinbase launched their own layer 2 blockchain last month called Base.

This past week, it hit a new record high for daily transactions and has already become one of the most popular layer 2 chains in the world.

By the numbers:

  • Last week Base had 1.88M unique transactions in a single day, an all time high for the chain
  • There are over 800,000+ active wallet addresses on Base
  • Currently there is approximately $386M in total locked value on Base, a number which is growing by the day

What’s happening:

  • Base has become immensely popular since being launched, rocketing to becoming one of the most popular layer 2 blockchains in all of crypto
  • One of the most popular new decentralized applications to launch Friend Tech was built on top of Base, which quickly attracted over 100,000+ new users

Why it matters:

The intrigue:

  • Coinbase is the first publicly traded company to ever launch their own layer 2 blockchain
  • During the initial launch of Base, Coinbase touted partnerships with global brands such as Coca Cola and Atari, although specifics are still yet to be revealed

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