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Drone Safety Company Set To Debut on Nasdaq

July 26, 2023
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ParaZero, a Israeli based drone safety company, is raising $7.8M to go public via an IPO on the Nasdaq.

The mission of ParaZero is building next generation drone safety. One of their core focuses is autonomous parachutes that accompany commercial drones and is able to be deployed in case of emergency, enabling a safe landing.

Founded by aviation operators and entrepreneurs, ParaZero has partnered with a variety of drone delivery operators globally to mitigate operational risks and overall air safety.

The details:

  • ParaZero has announced partnerships with Flight Technologies, Jetson, Easy Aerial and others to provide their autonomous drone parachutes
  • Israel recently conducted a successful test run of blood transfusion between two hospitals using drones that leveraged ParaZero’s safety technology to help safely complete the delivery
  • Medigus (NASDAQ: MDGS) has a 40% ownership stake in ParaZero

What’s next:

  • ParaZero will begin trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol ‘PRZO’

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