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The Startup Turning Trash in to Bitcoin

September 12, 2023
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Nodal Power has a revolutionary concept for how to transform landfills: turn methane emissions from trash into power for Bitcoin mining.

How it works:

  • Trash landfills emit enormous amounts of methane gas, which have a very harmful effect on the environment
  • Nodal Power builds infrastructure on site at landfills that is able to take methane gas and combust it in a generator
  • From the combustion process they are then able to produce renewable electricity
  • Further, they purpose-built a first-of-its-kind data centre that is capable of mining Bitcoin solely from the renewable energy they are producing

Why it matters:

  • Methane gas affects air quality, traps more heat in the air per molecule than CO2, and is considered to be over 80x more harmful than carbon dioxide
  • There are landfills all over the world and most of them are net negative on the environment
  • If successful, Nodal Power could potentially be unlocking a game change way to turn a harmful greenhouse gas emission issue into a renewable energy source
  • Aside from potentially powering data centres and Bitcoin mining, all the renewable energy created from Nodal could be sold back into local utility grids

By the numbers:

  • Nodal recently raised $13M USD in seed funding
  • The round was led by SpaceStation Investments

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