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HydroGraph Is Bringing Graphene To The Middle East

June 7, 2024
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A publicly traded company in Canada is getting ready to launch their graphene somewhere new: the Middle East.

What’s happening:

  • HydroGraph (CSE: HG) has announced they've entered into an agreement with speciality gas company Gulf Cryo to explore ways to bring HydroGraph’s pristine graphene to the Middle East

The big idea:

  • HydroGraph has developed a patented process known as explosion synthesis which yields some of the highest purity and most powerful graphene in the world
  • HydroGraph’s production of graphene does not cause any greenhouse gas emissions and has been successfully tested for multiple different applications including concrete and energy storage

By the numbers:

  • HydroGraph has been granted 3 patents around their proprietary production technique of pristine graphene and has another 17 patents that are pending official approval
  • HydroGraph’s graphene is 99.8% pure carbon content graphene and has been verified as pure by the Graphene Council, which is the largest community in the world for graphene researchers, academics and scientific institutions

Why it matters:

  • Graphene is one of the best materials for conducting electricity and heat and is capable of fundamentally altering materials to be significantly stronger and more durable
  • Solar panels and energy storage have spurred a new source of demand for graphene as renewable energy infrastructure continues to be built out amidst a global push to get closer to net zero emissions

Going deeper:

  • Gulf Cryo was originally founded as the first industrial gas trading company in Kuwait and now operates in more than ten countries across the world

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