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The Climate Tech Startup Building a Better Cement

September 21, 2023
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Cement that doesn’t require fossil fuels or limestone is coming to a construction site near you.

What’s happening:

  • Sublime Systems, a startup based in Massachusetts, has just received approval for their low carbon, climate friendly approach to manufacturing cement
  • The approval, which is known as the ASTM C1157 designation, means that Sublime Systems cement is in accordance with the United States building standards and can be safely used on a wider variety of projects

How it works:

  • Traditional cement manufacturing relies on kilns which Sublime System replaces with an electrochemical process that bypasses CO2 emissions and heating emissions
  • Further, Sublime Systems's innovative process doesn’t require any post combustion carbon capture whatsoever

The details:

  • Sublime Systems was originally started at MIT by two renowned experts in material science, Leah Ellis and Professor Yet-Ming Chiang
  • Since then they have raised over $50M in venture capital from notable investors such as Lowercarbon Capital, The Engine, Energy Impact Partners and others

The intrigue:

  • The largest and oldest cement company in Thailand and Southeast Asia Siam Cement Group is a strategic investor in Sublime Systems, a potential signal that the larger construction space knows decarbonizing cement production is inevitable

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