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Innovating Agriculture Through Sunlight, Opti Harvest Is Set To IPO

July 27, 2023
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Agri-tech company Opti Harvest is set to IPO on the Nasdaq on July 28th.

Opti Harvest, who describes itself as an “agriculture innovation company”, core focus is on helping farmers maximise crop yields, specifically through technology that increases the amount of natural sunlight exposure their plants get.

The Details:

  • Opti Harvest is slated to trade on the Nasdaq under the symbol OPHV
  • Their Initial Public Offering should bring in $9M~ USD in new growth capital

Big Picture:

  • Agri-tech as a opportunity rarely crosses into the public markets, with most startups being private and venture backed
  • New IPOs on Nasdaq have been dramatically down from peak activity, so the performance of new listings are being closely watched by early stage investors in public markets

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