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OpenAI's New Collaboration To Enhance Healthcare

September 23, 2023
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San Francisco based startup Hint Health has announced a new collaboration with OpenAI that aims to transform the doctor patient relationship.

The big idea:

  • Hint and OpenAI are building technology together that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance the doctor patient experience
  • The concept is for doctors to record their sessions with patients and allow artificial intelligence to summarize the interaction and produce concise notes

Why it matters:

  • Documentation of patient visits is a limiting factor on doctors time and their ability to see more patients
  • Accurate data on patients is paramount for achieving the best health outcomes possible
  • The new technology is compliant with health regulations and privacy needs to protect sensitive or confidential information

Going deeper:

  • Hint Healthcare has raised more than $60M since inception, with backing from notable venture capitalists such as Banneker Partners and Frist Cressey Ventures
  • This new partnership with OpenAI is their first foray into bringing AI into their platform, which they plan to expand on moving forward
  • Artificial intelligence has transformative potential to accelerate innovation in healthcare and has already shown enormous promise in drug discovery

The fine print:

  • Hint’s new AI technology is currently only in beta and is yet to be rolled out to doctors on a large scale

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