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The Biotech Startup Reversing Cognitive Decline In Dogs

February 29, 2024
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There’s a startup aiming to help aging dogs boost their brain function. And the science might just hold potential for human beings, too.

What’s happening:

  • Animal health startup Animal Biosciences has announced the first clinical evidence that their supplement designed to extend lifespan in dogs significantly improves cognitive function in aging dogs

The big idea:

  • Animal Biosciences has developed a proprietary chewable supplement that combines a molecule that mimics fasting in an animals body with a molecule that helps combat senescent cells that cause aging
  • When these two molecules are combined and metabolized, dogs see a significant improvement in cognitive function as well as other health benefits

Why it matters:

  • Therapeutics for improving cognitive function and extending lifespan in animals may provide important insights into longevity science that can also be applied to human beings

Going deeper:

The intrigue:

  • David Sinclair, who is a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and one of the leading minds in longevity science, is a co-founder of Animal Bioscience

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