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American Universities Are Buying Quantum Computers

June 7, 2024
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Universities in the United States are now getting quantum computers. And it might just be the beginning.

What’s happening:

  • United Kingdom based quantum computing startup Orca has announced they have sold two quantum computers to Montana State University
  • The purchase represents the first time Orca has ever sold a quantum computer to a customer in the United States

Why it matters:

Going deeper:

  • Orca has a number of notable backers, including The United States Department of Defense and Oxford Science Enterprises
  • Ocra’s PT-1 quantum computers are notable for being able to operate at room temperature, as opposed to many quantum computers which need to be cryogenically cooled
  • Montana State University plans to use Orca’s quantum computers to accelerate research around the potential of quantum computing for security and computing

The intrigue:

  • The purchase made by Montana State University comes from funding provided by the United States Air Force as part of their Applied Quantum Core grant

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