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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Coronary Heart Testing

November 22, 2023
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Detecting coronary heart disease might be becoming a lot easier.

What’s happening:

  • Chicago based precision healthcare company Cardio Diagnostics (NASDAQ: CDIO) recently announced positive results from a trial of their artificial intelligence driven technology that screens for coronary heart disease
  • The study was a collaboration between Cardio Diagnostics, Intermountain Healthcare and The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics that tested their technology PrecisionCHD on more than 2,500 patients
  • The results were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association and found that PrecisionCHD was successfully able to non invasively detect coronary heart disease symptoms

Market reaction:

  • Shares of Cardio Diagnostics rocketed higher upon the announcement, closing up more than +75%
  • Currently, Cardio Diagnostics is now up more than +144% from their closing price the prior week (could edit or lose this depending when we put it out)

The big idea:

  • Many tests for coronary heart disease are invasive or involve exposing a patient to radiation or contrast dye, which can be harmful on vital organs
  • Cardio Diagnostics has developed a technology based screening test that only requires a draw of blood
  • The blood test results are then inputted into a screening technology that leverages artificial intelligence and personalized genetic and epigenetic information to determine the presence or absence of coronary heart disease symptoms

Why it matters:

  • Aside from being invasive or potentially harmful, many tests for coronary heart disease are not available to individuals in rural areas who don’t have access to specialized clinics or medical facilities

Going deeper:

  • The PrecisionCHD kit is available for patients to use remotely, requiring just a finger prick to draw a small sample of blood
  • This is the world’s first blood test that can detect the risks of coronary heart disease within a matter of days and doesn’t require any radiation or fasting

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