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Autonomous Agricultural Drones Are Gaining Momentum

February 13, 2024
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There’s a new partnership that may change the future of spraying crops with autonomous drones.

What’s happening:

  • California based drone technology startup LahakX has entered into a new partnership with drone manufacturer Aero Systems West to expand the capabilities of autonomous drones for agricultural crop spraying
  • The new partnership will focus on equipping heavy lift drones manufactured by Aero Systems West with technology made by LahakX to be able to cover significantly more acreage of farmland and spray crops with heavier payloads

The big idea:

  • LahakX has developed patent pending algorithmic technology for drones that enables autonomous agricultural spraying for farmers
  • The technology designed by LahakX is able to dynamically guide drones to spray crops, avoid obstacles and navigate terrain completely autonomously

Why it matters:

  • Using autonomous drones for spraying crops can dramatically reduce operating costs for farm owners and also reduces the amount of total chemicals required due to precise data insights generated by technology

Going deeper:

  • LahakX has received regulatory approval from the Federal Aviation Authority in the United States to allow them to equip drones with their technology
  • The new heavy lift drones from Aero West Systems will be initially launched only to farm owners in California

The intrigue:

  • The new partnership was partially funded by the US-Israeli research group BIRD Foundation, who will receive no equity in either of the two companies

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