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Climate Conscious Bitcoin Miners Are Creating Carbon Credits

November 22, 2023
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Electronic waste in data centres is a big problem. A publicly traded Canadian company may have found a new way to handle it.

What’s happening:

  • Toronto based Bitcoin mining and high performance computing company Hut8 (NASDAQ: HUT) has launched a first of its kind effort to recycle outdated hardware and generate carbon credits in the process
  • The new recycling initiative aims to bring Hut8 significantly closer to becoming completely carbon neutral

How it works:

  • Hut8 partnered with electronic waste recycling company ERS International to recycle and re-use electronic hardware that was no longer necessary for their operations
  • The electronics are kept out of traditional landfills by finding ways to responsibly recycle them or sell them to a third party to be re-used
  • Carbon credits are then generated based on every one metric tonne of carbon dioxide that is successfully diverted from landfills

By the numbers:

  • Hut8 was able to successfully recycle 813,425 pounds of out dated ASIC miners, cables, power supply units and other hardware
  • Through recycling or finding ways to re-use those electronics, Hut8 was able to generate 7500 verifiable carbon credits

The intrigue:

  • ERS International is working on innovative ways to upcycle electronic waste by re-engineering new products from hardware that would otherwise end up in landfills
  • So far, they’ve been successfully able to turn electronic waste into products such as plastic lumber benches and other material items

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