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Designing Fresh Food For The Final Frontier: Space Travel

November 1, 2023
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Everyone is excited about the future of space technology. But there’s something about the final frontier that is often overlooked: food.

What’s happening:

  • California based design startup Nonfiction has unveiled their Space Culinary Lab in collaboration with NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge
  • The purpose built machine aims to reinvent the way that astronauts are able to produce food in space and unlock new possibilities for fresh, nutrient dense meals for astronauts

Why it matters:

  • Space missions are extremely challenging for astronauts physically and currently there are very few ways to produce nutritious food while in zero gravity
  • Astronauts mostly rely on pre packaged food and freeze dried food that gets rehydrated with recycled water
  • Nonfiction’s Space Culinary Lab could make it possible to access food staples such as coffee, vegetables and various snacks in space as well as protein rich meals

How it works:

  • Space Culinary Lab is roughly the size of a large fridge that can produce multiple different food types
  • There is a laser powered ‘space barbecue’  which is capable of heating and grilling proteins without the need for an open flame
  • Another feature of their hardware is an algae system which allows you to create snacks with nutrient dense algae and nuts, spices and more

The intrigue:

  • Nonfiction has even built in an aeroponic micro greens garden to their Space Culinary Lab to create a more natural ambience for astronauts on a space travel mission

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