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Eric Sprott's Contrarian Bet On Oregon Gold

January 11, 2024
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Until very recently, Oregon has been largely considered to be an irrelevant area for mining. Very few precious metals mining companies were based there and even fewer major discoveries had occurred in the state. But that is all suddenly beginning to change.

After a recent regulatory approval from the state government to take a mine into production and a new major investment from legendary gold financier Eric Sprott, Oregon is on a rapid rise.

And it might just be the very beginning.

What’s happening:

  • Oregon based mining companies have been seeing an influx of new investment, notably with Paramount Gold (NYSE: PZG) just landing a $15M USD strategic investment from legendary mining financier Eric Sprott
  • Provenance Gold (CSE: PAU) has recently emerged with promising results from their initial drilling targets, positioning themselves as potentially the next important exploration company in Oregon

Why it matters:

  • Oregon is now shaping up to be a emerging location for gold mining after the approval from the state government for Paramount Gold to advance their mining operations and bring their gold mine into full production
  • It is very rare that states suddenly change their policies around mining, which can create an enormous opportunity for first movers as an influx of capital begins to find its way to early stage exploration companies

Going deeper:

  • There’s very few exploration gold companies in Oregon that have showed significant promise in early results, which has uniquely positioned Provenance Gold as the next potential company to make a significant discovery in Oregon
  • Provenance Gold acquired their historically gold rich parcel of land in Eastern Oregon from Gold Royalty (NYSE: GROY)
  • Now that Oregon has given clarity around their position on mining, there is likely to be a significant increase in capital investment into precious metals companies operating within the state
  • Eric Sprott is known for his contrarian bets and early stage investments, which has drawn curiosity as to why he is suddenly allocating capital into Oregon after the governments recent approval for Paramount Gold

The intrigue:

  • Provenance Gold’s flagship Eldorado property has significant historical data that suggests there is a potentially major deposit present

By the numbers:

  • Throughout the history of the Eldorado property more than 21,866 metres of drilling has occurred, including extensive soil sampling, geophysics and more
  • There is historical data on Eldorado of more than 242 different drill holes, historical trenches and a large number of surface samples
  • Provenance Gold’s most recent summary of their 11 drill holes have shown impressive data, intersecting 118.9 metres of continuous strong gold mineralization starting at the surface

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