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Europe's First Cell Cultivated Milk

December 18, 2023
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Cell cultivated meat is beginning to become more widely accepted globally. But is cell cultivated milk next?

What’s happening:

  • German based startup Senara has come out of stealth mode and unveiled what they believe to be the first cell cultivated milk in Europe

The big idea:

  • Senara leverages cellular agriculture to produce milk with the same nutritional benefit of animal derived milk but without any bacteria or antibiotic residue that can be caused by dairy farming
  • Instead of needing to source cell lines from cows themselves, Senara has developed a process of sourcing cells isolated from the milk of healthy cows

Why it matters:

  • Animal agriculture and dairy farming are one of the largest emitters of carbon and greenhouse gases globally

Going deeper:

  • All the essential nutrients in animal derived milk are present in Senara’s cell cultivated milk, including casein and whey
  • Senara is also working on developing lactose free milk in order to be accessible to individuals who have dairy allergies or intolerances

The intrigue:

  • Senara has even developed their own energy efficient bioreactor for producing their cell cultivated milk, which has been a well known obstacle for many cell cultivated meat startups trying to achieve commercial scale

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