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Filmmakers and VCs are Investing in the Revolution of the Webcam

November 7, 2023
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Filmmaker Casey Neistat is known for his prowess behind the lens. Now, he’s investing alongside a group of some of Silicon Valley’s brightest venture capitalists into a startup trying to revolutionize the webcam.

What’s happening:

  • San Francisco based camera startup Opal has closed a $17 million Series A financing round
  • The round was led by Peter Thiel’s Founder Fund and included notable participation from Casey Neistat, Slack Fund, Kindred Ventures, Eighty-Seven Capital and Marques Brownlee

Why it matters:

  • No one has ever been able to successfully bring computational photography onto a webcam before
  • Opal is aiming to be the first company to bring DSLR video quality into a webcam that is easy to use, mount and record with

Going deeper:

  • Founders from Airbnb, Instagram, Shopify, Twitch and Youtube also participated in the recent funding round
  • Opal is also building their own software platform to enable seamless editing of video content, which is known as Composer

By the numbers:

  • Opal’s flagship product the Opal C1 is made of less than 2% plastic
  • Since inception Opal has raised $20M USD

The intrigue:

  • Opal’s camera is powered by an Intel Myriad chip to produce high resolution images

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