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Lab Grown Meat For Pets is Coming to Europe

November 11, 2023
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Lab grown meat is an exciting and controversial concept. While some people see cell cultivated meat as the future, others are repelled by it. Now a startup in Europe has an intriguing new approach: lab grown meat for your pets.

What’s happening:

  • Bene Meat has become the first ever startup in Europe to win approval to produce cell cultivated meat for animal consumption
  • The Czech startup just was awarded certification from the European Union to use their lab grown meat in pet food

Why it matters:

  • Lab grown meat is widely seen as one of the most important innovations in food production due to its low carbon footprint and ethical nature
  • Many individuals are becoming more conscious about what they feed their pets, which has sparked a rise in innovation in pet food production to begin to become more humane and sustainable

Going deeper:

  • Bene Meat says they believe they will be able to officially launch their products within Europe as of next year
  • Bene Meat also plans to supply other pet food companies with their cell cultivated meat and position themselves as an ingredient supplier

The intrigue:

  • Pet food giant Purina recently launched their first ever ‘low carbon’ pet food brand which aims to solve some of the environmental issues of typical pet food production and harness renewable energy to lower their emissions

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