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Nvidia Is Collaborating With Global Governments on Artificial Intelligence

February 8, 2024
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Governments around the world want in on the artificial intelligence movement. And they’re turning to Nvidia to help make it happen.

What’s happening:

  • Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) has recently entered into multiple collaborations with global governments that are focused on accelerating innovation and research around artificial intelligence

Why it matters:

  • Many countries around the world have been racing to figure out how to integrate, regulate and invest into artificial intelligence and these recent partnerships from Nvidia are clear validation that artificial intelligence is going to see a major influx of capital from global governments in addition to venture capital and public markets

Going deeper:

  • Nvidia has partnered with the United States National Science Foundation to launch the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource pilot project
  • The focus of the new project is to deepen accessibility to leading artificial intelligence technology and advance the scientific communities ability to leverage artificial intelligence for new breakthrough research
  • Amazon, Microsoft, Anthropic and OpenAI are amongst other companies who have committed to supporting the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource project
  • Nvidia has also recently signed a letter of intent to collaborate with the Canadian government on innovation in artificial intelligence and accelerating research capabilities within Canada

By the numbers:

  • NVIDIA is committing $30M USD in hardware such as GPUs and leading edge software to the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource

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