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One of the World's Biggest Food Companies is Betting On Bug Protein

November 2, 2023
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Food giants are starting to bet on a new type of protein: insects.

What’s happening:

  • Tyson Foods is investing into Netherlands based insect protein startup Protix to advance their production capabilities
  • Together, Tyson Foods and Protix will build a first of its kind facility that is purpose built to upcycle manufacturing byproduct into insect protein

Why it matters:

  • Soy is currently the most used ingredient in animal feed products but the production of soy is closely linked with deforestation and negative environmental consequences
  • Insect proteins are widely considered a more sustainable and climate friendly input for animal feed

By the numbers:

  • Protix currently supplies their insect based protein ingredients into more than 15 countries globally

The intrigue:

  • Tyson Foods and Protix have publicly stated that they will look to supply their ingredients across animal feed, aquaculture and even pet food

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