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OpenAI Is Getting In On Self Driving Cars

November 28, 2023
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OpenAI is backing a startup that aims to make self driving cars a reality.

What’s happening:

  • OpenAI’s venture arm has put $5M USD into San Francisco based autonomous driving startup Ghost Autonomy
  • The new funding will accelerate Ghost’s large language models and machine learning research around complex urban environments

The big idea:

  • Ghost is aiming to build the definitive software platform for self driving technology that will enable multiple different car manufacturers to seamlessly integrate their technology
  • Using physics based artificial intelligence that supports a variety of different sensor manufacturers, Ghost is able to accurately predict and react to changing environments without the need for human intervention or supervision

Going deeper:

  • Ghost recently completed a successful pilot project in which a car was driven completely autonomously from California to Las Vegas without any human intervention
  • The route taken on the pilot project had never been seen before by Ghost’s software platform and was able to complete the entire trip without the journey being pre mapped whatsoever

By the numbers:

  • Since inception Ghost Autonomy has raised $220M USD in venture capital funding

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