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Peter Thiel is Betting on Aerial Intelligence

October 24, 2023
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Peter Thiel is backing a new drone startup.

What’s happening:

  • Munich based drone startup Quantum Systems has raised €63.6M in a Series B financing round
  • The new round saw notable participation from Thiel Ventures, HV Capital, Project A, Airbus Ventures and more

The big idea:

  • Quantum Systems uses AI powered drone technology to provide aerial intelligence for large area mapping, disaster prevention, environmental research and more
  • Both governments and private companies partner with Quantum Systems to utilize their aerial intelligence technology
  • Quantum Systems is aiming to build both the hardware and the software required to power real time insights through their drones

By the numbers:

  • Over €100M in venture funding has gone into Quantum Systems since inception
  • Drones manufactured by Quantum Systems have flown a combined 175,000 hours in the air

The intrigue:

  • Quantum Systems recently announced a partnership with the German Armed Forces in order to use their drone technology to strengthen security in Europe

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