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Portable Nuclear Microreactors Are Here

May 16, 2024
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The first ever portable nuclear microreactor company has officially debuted on the Nasdaq.

What’s happening:

  • NANO Nuclear Energy (NASDAQ: NNE) has successfully completed their $10M USD IPO and listed on the Nasdaq

The big idea:

  • Portable nuclear microreactors are small, compact nuclear reactors capable of producing carbon free power that would otherwise be provided by coal or natural gas plants
  • Because of their small size and design, portable microreactors can be deployed in urban areas and regions with extremely limited infrastructure that otherwise wouldn’t be able to support nuclear power

Why it matters:

  • NANO Nuclear Energy is the first nuclear microreactor company to ever go public on the Nasdaq
  • Portable nuclear microreactors could potentially accelerate the energy transition globally due to their ability to produce significant amounts of carbon free electricity for both urban and remote locations

Going deeper:

  • Microreactors can also provide power to energy companies to reduce their overall emissions due to their ability to be built and installed in remote locations where oil and gas companies frequently operate
  • NANO Nuclear Energy has completed a pre-conceptual review of their flagship microreactor done by the Idaho National Laboratory, which is apart of the United States Department of Energy’s nuclear power office

The intrigue:

  • Nuclear microreactors are even capable of providing electricity to generate hydrogen through electrolysis, which is becoming a growing trend with more hydrogen fuel infrastructure being built globally

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