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Silicon Valley Legends Are Betting on Indoor Cleaning Robots

November 6, 2023
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Some of the most legendary angel investors are backing a robotics company. And it has a unique mission: cleaning your floors.

What’s happening:

  • Mountain Valley, California based robotics startup Matic has raised $24.9M USD in a new Series A financing
  • The round was led by Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross and John and Patrick Collison

The big idea:

  • Matic has built innovative robotics hardware that use artificial intelligence to navigate indoor spaces and clean in ways that a human would
  • Through 3D mapping technology Matic is constantly earning what to clean, what to avoid and is able to function without any human supervision required

Going deeper:

  • Matic’s seed round roughly four years ago saw participation from notable investors such as Naval Ravikant, Jack Dorsey, Joe Lonsdale, Matt Rogers and others

By the numbers:

  • Since inception Matic has raised $29.6M USD in total venture funding
  • Matic robots are able to function for a full 24 hours per day, without the need for any instruction or supervision

The intrigue:

  • Matic can respond to voice commands and even hand gestures

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