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Social Capital Backed Groq Is Coming For AI Chips

March 3, 2024
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The race for building the next breakthrough chip for artificial intelligence isn’t slowing down.

What’s happening:

  • Artificial intelligence chip maker Groq has acquired cloud computing company Definitive Intelligence
  • The new acquisition will enable Groq to launch their own cloud computing venture for artificial intelligence startups

Why it matters:

  • Groq has built an Language Processing Unit that is reportedly capable of running Large Language Models at approximately 10x the speed of other available interface engines
  • If successful, Groq could potentially accelerate the development of training artificial intelligence models and workloads significantly

How it works:

  • Language Processing Units solve two important problems for Large Language models, which are compute density and memory bandwidth
  • Groq’s chips are able to drastically reduce the time spent on calculating each word in training a model, which allows sequences of words to be generated significantly faster

Going deeper:

  • Groq has attracted some of the most legendary venture capital investors in Silicon Valley, including Social Capital, Tiger Global and TDK Ventures
  • By launching a cloud computing venture, Groq is aiming to provide artificial intelligence startups on demand access to their chips and code samples

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