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The AI Engine Coming For Canada's Largest Clinical Ecosystem

December 5, 2023
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Artificial intelligence continues to create new possibilities in healthcare. And now, there’s a Canadian public company looking to leverage AI to help patients get access to medications that they otherwise wouldn’t.

What’s happening:

  • Toronto based healthcare technology company HEALWELL AI (TSX: AIDX) has announced their acquisition of medical artificial intelligence engine Pentavere
  • Pentavere has built a leading edge AI powered screening technology that is able to identify patients that may benefit from approved medications or therapeutic interventions

The big idea:

  • Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Pentavere is able to analyze electronic medical records to identify potential patterns and assess if there are alternative treatment options that might improve outcomes for patients
  • The purpose of Pentavere’s data analysis is to be able to discover patients who are eligible for approved medications but have yet to receive them
  • Pentavere’s technology platform has shown validation across rare diseases, diabetes and even breast cancer

Going deeper:

  • Pentavere has existing partnerships with numerous pharmaceutical companies including Takeda, Jannsen and Johnson and Johnson
  • Pentavere also has patient data access agreements with major hospitals in both the United States and Canada

The intrigue:

  • HEALWELL AI has a founding partnership with WELL Health (TSX: WELL) whose technology currently powers the largest owned and operated clinical ecosystem in all of Canada

By the numbers:

  • The acquisition of Pentavere is valued at approximately $15M CAD

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