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A Crypto Powered Wireless Network For The People

December 7, 2023
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Crypto is disruptive. And now, it’s changing the future of cellular networks and what they cost.

What’s happening:

  • Crypto based wireless cellular network company Helium Mobile has announced a new nationwide plan for the entire United States
  • Helium is bringing their peer to peer internet of things network together with T-Mobile to offer an unlimited plan to users

The big idea:

  • Helium offers an unlimited cell phone plan for a flat rate of $20 per month which is compatible with any device and doesn’t require entering into a contract
  • They are able to drastically cut operating costs by incentivizing users to build and expand the Helium wireless network through a crowdsourced approach

How it works:

  • Helium has empowered users to set up their own Helium Mobile Hotspots and contribute to the larger network seamlessly
  • Helium Mobile Hotspots function as small scale cell towers that eliminates dead zones and expand the wireless access of the Helium network
  • Users who set up their own hotspot are then rewarded with tokens as payment for helping maintain the network

Market reaction:

  • Helium’s governance token ‘HNT’ is up +75% since the announcement of their nationwide plans becoming available

The intrigue:

By the numbers:

  • There are currently 3,854 active hotspots across the Helium Mobile network
  • The last financing round for Helium saw the project raise $200M USD at a $1.2B USD valuation

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