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The Future Of Security in Space

December 14, 2023
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From mining asteroids to traveling to other planets, there’s no shortage of startups building the future of space. But is the next big opportunity keeping space secure?

What’s happening:

  • Colorado based space security startup True Anomaly has raised $100M USD in a Series B financing round
  • The round was led by Riot Ventures and included other notable venture capital funds such as Eclipse, ACME Capital, Menlo Ventures, Champion Hill Ventures and Rocketship

The big idea:

  • True Anomaly builds software and hardware that is aimed at providing a way to keep space secure for the United States and its allies
  • Their flagship spacecraft Jackal is an autonomous orbital vehicle fully equipped with cameras and sensors to be able to surveil and collect data on objects in space, including detecting any potential threats
  • Once an object has been identified and tracked, True Anomaly uses artificial intelligence to predict and identify changes in movement while in orbit

The intrigue:

  • SpaceX will launch their True Anomaly’s spacecraft into orbit on an upcoming mission

By the numbers:

  • True Anomaly has a $17.4M USD contract with the United States Space Force to help identify objects in orbit and make critical decisions in real time
  • New hardware is prototyped and developed at True Anomaly’s 35,000 square foot spacecraft manufacturing facility

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