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The Ring That Tracks Your Blood Pressure

November 30, 2023
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Monitoring your blood pressure consistently is not an easy task. But there’s a startup who plans to change that with a small, wearable device.

What’s happening:

  • Korean healthcare technology startup Sky Labs has raised $15M USD in a new Series C financing round to advance clinical trials around their wearable blood pressure tracking device
  • The new round was led by the Korean Development Bank and included other notable participants such as Devsisters Ventures, SJG Partners and Openwater Investment

The big idea:

  • Sky Labs has developed a wearable ring that tracks individuals blood pressure continuously throughout the day called CART BP
  • CART BP is able to capture nighttime and morning blood pressure readings, as well as analyze the impact of sleep, exercise and even medication on overall blood pressure health
  • Having real time access to blood pressure data that ordinarily would not get captured can potentially help prevent cardiovascular diseases, especially for individuals with hypertension

Going deeper:

  • Sky Labs recently received regulatory approval from Korea’s Ministry Of Food and Drug Safety which allows them to begin selling their hardware in hospitals and clinics within Korea immediately
  • Pursuing an approval from the United Staes FDA is the next regulatory hurdle for Sky Labs to be able to bring their technology to patients in North America

By the numbers:

  • Sky Labs has raised $40M USD in venture capital funding since inception

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