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The Startup Turning Lampposts Into EV Charging Stations

April 11, 2024
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Electric vehicle charging stations have found a new location: lampposts.

What’s happening:

  • New York based electric vehicle charging startup Voltpost has debuted a first of its kind electric vehicle charging station that can be retrofitted onto any lamppost

How it works:

  • Voltpost’s charging stations are modular and able to be quickly retrofitted onto any lamppost in cities and urban areas
  • Individuals are then app to use Voltpost’s app to seamlessly pay to charge their electric vehicles based on their usage

Why it matters:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations have traditionally been expensive to build out and also are not well suited to highly dense urban areas where space for new infrastructure is highly limited

By the numbers:

  • A Voltpost charging station is able to be retrofitted onto a lamppost in under 2 hours
  • Voltpost’s charging stations are able to accommodate up to 4 charging ports per individual lamppost

Going deeper:

  • Voltpost’s charging stations are compatible with any type of electric vehicle, regardless of the auto manufacturer

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