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The Startup Using AI For Early Cancer Detection

February 11, 2024
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Detecting cancer early might be getting easier. And artificial intelligence is a big reason why.

What’s happening:

  • New York based healthcare startup Ezra has raised $21M USD in a new financing round
  • The round was led by Healthier Capital and saw participation from other notable venture capital funds including FirstMark Capital, Allianz Life Ventures and others

How it works:

  • Ezra pairs artificial intelligence with MRI screening to be able to deliver rapid, full body testing for early cancer detection
  • Through using artificial intelligence purpose built for medical imaging, Ezra can enhance images from MRI scans quickly and identify common patterns found in patients who have early stages of cancer
  • Ezra’s technology is able to rapidly scan all major vital organs in the human body for early traces of both cancer and other harmful diseases

Why it matters:

  • Detecting cancer early is one of the most critically important aspects of being able to effectively treat cancer and increase patient survival rates

By the numbers:

  • In addition to screening for cancers, Ezra has also detected more than 500 different diseases in individuals through their MRI scans
  • Ezra’s MRI scanning is 4x faster than traditional full body MRI scans
  • Ezra currently has 18 different locations across the United States, including states such as New York, New Jersey, California and Florida
  • Since inception Ezra has raised $41M USD in venture capital funding

Going deeper:

  • Ezra recently received FDA clearance for Ezra Flash AI, which is the world’s first full body MRI scan that is enhanced by artificial intelligence and can be completed within half an hour

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