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Uranium Production is Back in Texas

November 30, 2023
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There’s a new uranium producer in Texas.

What’s happening:

  • Dallas, Texas based uranium producer enCore Energy (NYSE: EU) has announced they have officially restarted production at their South Texas Rosita uranium processing plant
  • Bringing their Rosita plant back into production will enable enCore to begin delivering shipments of uranium oxide within weeks

Why it matters:

  • Restarting production makes enCore the newest uranium supplier in the United States at a time when nuclear energy is more important than ever to the energy transition
  • New sources of uranium supply are in extremely high demand as more nuclear power projects are being approved by global governments

By the numbers:

  • enCore will become the first uranium company in production in Texas in 10 years
  • The Rosita plant currently has production capacity of approximately 800,000 lbs of uranium per year and has the potential to expand beyond that within their existing license
  • enCore’s Rosita plant sits on more than 2,700 acres of mineral rights

Market reaction:

  • Shares of enCore are up +7% since their announcement of restarting production

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