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Video Games Are Changing Therapy

November 1, 2023
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There is a new take on the future of therapy. And it is centred around a surprising idea: video games.

What’s happening:

  • San Francisco based startup Hero Journey Club has raised $14.6M in venture capital funding
  • Hero Journey Club is aiming to reinvent the way therapy is done by having individuals play video games in a group setting while having a guided conversation with a counsellor

Why it matters:

  • Finding new ways to lower the friction of trying therapy could be highly impactful for individuals who otherwise wouldn’t consider seeing a therapist

How it works:

  • Hero Journey Club is not focused on one on one conversations with a counsellor but rather creating a group setting in which conversations can happen amongst multiple participants
  • Groups are limited to five individuals at a time who are playing video games while having a conversation facilitated by a licensed therapist
  • Outside of the facilitated group sessions Hero Journey Club has a community platform that allows individuals to directly connect with each other

The intrigue:

  • Hero Journey Club says they are interested in advancing new research around the positive mental health implications of gaming to foster a sense of community and connection

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