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Volvo Is Partnering With This Public Company To Integrate Artificial Intelligence

December 21, 2023
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Everyone is excited about the potential of artificial intelligence and what it means for the future. And now Volvo is getting in on the action, too.

What’s happening:

  • Vancouver based cognitive computing company Verses AI (CBOE:VERS) has announced a new collaboration with Volvo Car Group in which Volvo will use their Genius technology platform
  • The collaboration will be focused on Volvo testing Genius for various applications related to autonomous driving and assisted driving

Going deeper:

  • Verses’s Genius technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help turn unique data into knowledge models
  • Through working together with Volvo, Verses is aiming to be able to utilize their Genius technology to help improve the safety of autonomous driving

Why it matters:

  • Recently, Verses published an open letter in the New York Times stating their desire to collaborate with OpenAI after their newest research efforts identified what they believe is a new path to achieving artificial general intelligence that requires significantly less data and computations than what is currently available

The intrigue:

  • Verses also recently announced a partnership with NASA to pursue new standards of safety in space through Genius

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