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A Fighter Jet Pilot Powered By Artificial Intelligence

January 3, 2024
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Artificial intelligence is capable of piloting a fighter jet. And it’s already being used in active combat. But, how?

What’s happening:

  • San Diego, California based defense technology company Shield AI has raised $500M USD in a new Series F financing round through a mixture of both equity and debt
  • The debt portion of the financing round was led by Hercules Capital

The big idea:

  • Shield AI has built an innovative technology called Hivemind which is able to leverage artificial intelligence to pilot planes in combat situations
  • Similar to self driving car technology, Hivemind is aircraft agnostic and is capable of operating multiple different types of military grade aircraft
  • Hivemind reacts in real time to the battlefield and does not require GPS or waypoints in order to make decisions

By the numbers:

  • Hivemind has been operating aircraft in the battlefield since 2018
  • Shield AI's Series F financing round, which saw participation from the United States Innovative Technology Fund, Riot Ventures, Cathie Wood's ARK Invest and others, was done at a $2.7B USD valuation

Going deeper:

  • Hivemind is already operational and actively is used to fly F-16 fighter jets and vertical takeoff and landing drones
  • The technology built by Shield AI is actively being used by the United States Department of Defense and military allies of the United States

The intrigue:

  • Shield AI has accumulated more flying hours practicing autonomous fighter jet manoeuvres than any other company in the world

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