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Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Find Energy Transition Metals Faster

March 1, 2024
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Metals are an essential component of the global energy transition. And now, artificial intelligence is helping to find them faster.

What’s happening:

  • Legacy Minerals (ASX: LGM) has announced they successfully used artificial intelligence to discover platinum group elements and copper sulphides at their project in New South Wales, Australia through their collaboration with Earth AI

The big idea:

  • Earth AI uses artificial intelligence technology that leverages remote sensing and geophysical data to precisely predict where metals deposits may exist on mining properties
  • After predicting where a potential discovery may be, Earth AI then samples the property to attempt to confirm if there is mineralization present
  • Once Earth AI has determined that there is mineralization, they are then able to implement there own drilling system which requires no groundwork and very little environmental impact

Going deeper:

  • Using artificial intelligence and machine learning for mining is a rapidly growing trend, with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos backed Kobold Metals recently embarking on multiple ambitious missions to find copper at projects in Zambia

By the numbers:

  • Earth AI has been successful in predicting metal deposits in 2 out of of their 3 initial attempts
  • When successful, Earth AI believes their technology makes spotting potential deposits 100x faster than traditional methods
  • Earth AI recently discovered a greenfield molybdenum deposit in Australia on a property that had been unsuccessfully explored by more than 8 different mining companies

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