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Bitcoin Well Is Disrupting Bitcoin Ownership

March 7, 2024
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There’s a publicly traded company in Canada with a bold vision: to change the paradigm around Bitcoin ownership.

What’s happening:

  • Bitcoin Well (TSXV: BTCW) has been experiencing rapid growth for their non-custodial Bitcoin platform for North American users

The big idea:

  • Bitcoin Well enables individuals to buy Bitcoin through their network of Bitcoin ATMs or their technology platform, while maintaining full self custody of their Bitcoin at all times
  • Whether buying Bitcoin at a physical ATM location or digitally, Bitcoin Well never takes custody of users' Bitcoin
  • This is done by leveraging Bitcoin Well’s technology infrastructure that acts as an on-ramp for users to be able to purchase Bitcoin that is then directly sent to their own digital asset wallet instantaneously

Why it matters:

  • Many of the notable downfalls of popular Bitcoin exchanges have come from issues around being a custodian for users assets and complications that arise from users not having full self custody of their own Bitcoin

By the numbers:

  • Bitcoin Well now has over 13,000 unique users in North America
  • Last month alone, Bitcoin Well added over 1,200 new users to their platform
  • Bitcoin Well currently has 200 Bitcoin ATMs operating in locations across Canada

Going deeper:

  • Bitcoin Well has developed a circular ecosystem for individuals to be able to do more than just purchase Bitcoin, including the ability to use Bitcoin to pay bills within Canada and easily convert Bitcoin back to fiat currency through bank transfers within North America

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