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Can Floating Solar Panels Electrify The World?

December 27, 2023
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Solar energy is a critical component of reaching net zero emissions and transitioning to renewable energy. But is the future of solar infrastructure going to be built at sea?

What’s happening:

  • Dutch solar energy startup SolarDuck has raised €15M in a new financing round
  • The round was led by notable venture capital funds including Catapult Ocean, Green Tower, Energy Transition Fund Rotterdam and Invest-NL

The big idea:

  • SolarDuck installs offshore floating solar power technology that is built and operated in oceans across the world
  • Since solar energy is a vital part of achieving net zero emissions, increasing solar capacity globally is critically important but physical land is both scarce and expensive
  • SolarDuck wants to power large cities, islands and offshore platforms through floating solar infrastructure

Going deeper:

  • SolarDuck is currently building a pilot project in the North Sea that will be the world’s largest hybrid floating solar panel in existence once complete
  • The Japanese government is also working with SolarDuck to install floating solar infrastructure in Tokyo Bay in a collaboration with numerous local companies and partners

The intrigue:

  • SolarDuck has built innovative technology that allows their floating solar panels to be self cleaning in order to prevent damage and erosion from operating in salt water

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