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Canada Is Going All In On Electric Vehicles

December 20, 2023
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Canada is making their biggest push yet to slow down the greenhouse gas emissions caused by internal combustion engine vehicles.

What’s happening:

  • Canada has come out with new regulations that dictate all new vehicles being sold in 2035 and beyond are required by law to be zero emission vehicles
  • Zero emission vehicles are currently defined by Canada as plug in hybrids, electric vehicles or cars powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

By the numbers:

  • Transportation is responsible for approximately 22% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Canada’s new policy also states that zero emission vehicles need to be 20% of all cars sold in Canada by 2026 and 60% of all cars sold by 2030

Going deeper:

  • The new policy decision is likely an indication that Canada will need to increase its lithium production and battery production capabilities in order to support automakers within Canada transitioning to zero emissions vehicles

Yes, but:

  • While new regulations for zero emission vehicles have now been established, there is currently not enough infrastructure in place in Canada to support it
  • Currently, charging stations for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are nearly nonexistent in rural areas of Canada which will require a significant build out in the near future

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