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Electric Air Taxis Are On The Way

November 23, 2023
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The future of taxi transportation might be changing from the road to the sky. And it could be coming soon to a major city near you soon.

What’s happening:

  • Santa Clara, California based electric aircraft company Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR) recently announced a major deal with Air Chateau to bring their electric air taxi’s to Dubai
  • The $500M purchase of Archer’s flagship aircraft, known as Midnight, will accelerate their plans to officially launching in the UAE
  • Air Chateau is one of the largest private aviation companies in the entire UAE and plans to independently operate the aircraft

The big idea:

  • Archer has developed a small electric vehicle vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that is powered by six independent battery packs which support their electric engines
  • The Midnight aircraft is able to turn commutes that could take hours in a densely populated urban city into minutes

Going deeper:

  • Archer recently announced a similar partnership deal in India that will aim to launch air taxi routes in Delhi and Mumbai
  • The Federal Aviation Administration recently granted Archer approval to begin testing their flights in the United States, a critical step to being able to make their aircraft publicly available in North America

By the numbers:

  • The Midnight aircraft is capable of flying back to back 20 minute flights with only 12 minutes of downtime for charging in between
  • Each electric taxi aircraft can comfortably seat four passengers and a pilot
  • Archer is hoping to launch in both Dubai and India by 2026
  • The United States Air Force has committed $142M in purchases with Archer

The intrigue:

  • Airline giants Boeing and United Airlines are two large investors in Archer

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